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The Daddy-O's new CD 'Spittin Gravel' is now available.

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Check out our new CD

Spittin' Gravel


Check out our new CD

Spittin' Gravel


Did you ever hear a song that made you want to get in you car and drive a hundred miles an hour down a dark road with the radio up, top down, and headlights off ?  And when you made it down to the end of that dark road, did you get out and say to yourself, ďThat was cool!Ē  Did your adrenalin shoot up like a rocket to Jupiter so you just had to do it again??

Well, you decide to close your eyes as the band on the radio cranks it up a notch. The pedalís to the floor, the carís in first gear and pickiní up speed..... brrrrrrrr

You hit second gear and guitar strings start breakiní. Third gear brings a cherry red glow from the tubes in the amplifier and smoke is startiní to pour. Fourth gear and the drummer looses control of the sticks. Itís all over. !!! The carís slidiní, youíre kickiní up rocks and all you got is your soul, the wind, and the feel of the road to guide you.   Thatís the kind of ride you go on when ďThe Daddy-Oís are behind the wheel. Itís wild, itís crazy, itís reckless, and itís out of control !!

You're in The Daddy-O's zone.
From northeastern Illinois, the Daddy-O's are a 50's and 60's rock and roll band.  Providing music from the 50's and 60's, the Daddy-O's entertain audiences in clubs, festivals, parties, receptions, and concerts for those who love the rock and roll of yesteryear.

The Daddy-O's would like to thank our coolcat pal Max for taking some great pix of the band.  You can find Max at his cool site http://www.avignonsolutions.com.  He's a great database designer, loves music, and is a huge fan of The Daddy-O's.  Way to go Max!

               For booking information, events, and general information, please contact John Tabat at lljt504@att.net or call him at (847) 973-0847.