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The Professor Lee Lowman (Lord of the Lower Frequencies):

Lee was born at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago. Thatís because he wanted to be close to his mother. It was obvious that, even as a baby, he had a great affinity for music. And so, as soon as he turned 18, his parents got him his first guitar.

The Professor started playing bass in 1982 for the same reason that most people become bass players.....nobody in his band at the time knew how to play bass or wanted to, and he alone accepted the challenge.

Why do people call him The Professor? Thatís because whenever the band forgets the words or chords to songs, they always ask him. He knows the words and chords to every song that was ever written, especially those written in February, 1956.

The Daddy-O's understand that Lee was sort of 'forced' to play Bass - as nobody else wanted to - but that did not stop him from taking on the challenge - and doing quite well !  To his credit, he has played with 'The Little Eagle Band', 'The Big Eagle Band', and 'The Moonlighters'. 

The Daddy-O's are glad to have 'Professor Lowman's presence and vocal harmonies.