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Hank Strongg

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Hank Strongg:

Hank is a mystery.  The Daddy-O's are not sure if he was born or not.  Apparently he just materialized with a guitar one day singing a medley of Long Tall Sally, Good Golly Miss Molly, and some other long, good, rock'n sort of vamp....

The Daddy-O's are thrilled to have Hank.  While we do not know the exact nature of his origin, we do understand that he was a member of the Rock 'N Roll group "Bud Hudson & The Hornets".  The 'Hornets' were wild, crazy, and absolutely rockin' explains Butch Wax, Hanks' brother and 'Hornets' drummer.  "Hank wrote several tunes that we played locally and on the road.  In fact, The Hornets played with Rock 'N Roll legend Hayden Thompson (original Sun Recording Artist)."  Butch further told the Daddy-O's that Hayden and Hank teamed up to record a tune that Hank wrote.  Hayden recorded What'm I Gonna Do on the Sanjay label.   Hank tells The Daddy-O's that he still has the 1st royalty check.

The Daddy-O's are glad to have Hanks' special musical talents, high energy leads, and smooth baritone vocals.