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The Daddy-O's are proud to present some of our favorite links.  Check them all out.

We can't control their content - and we try to keep our links up to date, so if you have any problems please let us know.

You can always get John T at or call him at (847) 973-0847. 

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The Daddy-O's think the following places are very cool.  Please take the time to visit our pals.


Find all your favorite Rock N' Roll artists here at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame:

We are especially fond of Hayden Thompson who Hank Strongg and the boys played with.  Read all about Hayden at Hank's song 'What'm I Gonna Do' was recorded by Hayden and released on the Sunjay Label 1984.


   Hayden Thompson '56 

One of the Daddy-O's favorite artists - Johhny Rivers.  Check out his site at



Another one of the Daddy-O's favorite cats - 'The Killer' - Jerry Lee Lewis.  Check out the site at



Check out our Pals at BlackCat Rockabilly - Europe.  These guys have a site with links to Lyrics, Reviews, and More.          BlackCat Rockabilly Europe
Without Buddy Holly, Rock N' Roll would not be the same.  Visit our pals at

We here at The Daddy-O's love cool sites that are devoted to Oldies, Rock N Roll, and Rockabilly. Our pals at OldiesMusic have a great site with lots of links and info just for you!  You can find them at

Roller Coaster Records is home to many original artists from the 50's and 60's.  You can check them out at


Our friends at 'American Outfitters' have put on some groovy gigs over the years.  Entittled 'Scoop The Loop', these events encompass hot cars, street dances, sock hops, and fun for the whole family.  The Daddy-O's have played for these events in the past - and will be there in 2005 as well.  You can read all about it at




  The Daddy-O's pay tribute to the artist that brought millions of fans to Rock N' Roll and has inspired millions to play, write, and perform.  'The King'


  From Alan Freed and the birth of Rock N' Roll to Payola, instruments, groups, garage bands, and all that is truely Rock N' Roll - You can read all the history at

  The cool cats at have the very best threads for all you hipsters out there.  From dresses and accessories for the hot chicks, to the shirts, slacks, and shoes for all the dudes.  After we formed 'The Daddy-O's', we were searching the web for some classic threads and found them.  We are proud to have similar names, and we almost always wear their threads for our performances.  Check them out at


  Check out this cool site - Video Beat - Where you can find cool Videos of the 50's and 60's.


  Our pals at TabDude dot Com have tons of Guitar charts for all you Rock 'n Rollers out there.