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Bill Cream: 

Bill  was born in the mountains of Colorado to a family of wolves.   The environmentalists found him under a log and in terrible shape.  They were testing a new form of Rock and Roll Musical Therapy for those that did not respond to normal Medical treatments.  The Daddy-O's were told that an intro of Singin the Blues, followed by Good Rockin' made the wild tendencies very syncopated - then stretched those results into musical mayhem with Two Tone Car, Flyin Saucer Rock N Roll, and Great Balls of Fire.  WOW !!  All of a sudden this little cub turned into a fireball of a man, grabbed up an Axe, and started into a cool rendition of Sea Cruse.

Understandably the Wolf/Man did not fit well into normal society.  Every time the radio blared out a cool 60's Rock N Roll Tune he would  revert back into the wild, crazy - yet calmed, syncopated wolf-man.  He became so smooth that he became known as 'Cream'.   The Daddy-O's became aware of 'Cream' at a local charity event sponsored by the local chapter of Wolf-Man-Jack fan club (As it turns out, 'Cream' became very close friends with Wolf Man Jack - Every time Bill heard WMJ howl over the radio he would climb up to the top of the car and bay at the top of his lungs).

The Daddy-O's were told that Bill Cream had used his talents as a Bass-Man in several 50's and 60's Rock N Roll bands, He has played Solo, with Duo's and as a 20 year veteran of the Surf-Boys/ Class of 62.   The Daddy-O's are proud to have Bill's 'Creamy' lower presence and vocal harmonies.